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The Bloqleap Academy is on Youtube

We want to reach the largest number of people and we must take care of our presence where our people are. Youtube is one of those platforms where we all spend time on a daily basis.

What do we post on Youtube?

We publish previews of our articles in video format and add value to the Bitcoiners community by publishing educational material. We also publish Bloqleap Academy’s courses. All for free. We are aware that the communication used on YouTube is different, so we also work on exclusive content for YouTube and thus reach as many people as possible.

Why should I subscribe to Bloqleap if it's already on Youtube?

There are many reasons, actually.

First, these free videos on YouTube are like high quality teasers, add value from our channel. When our followers want to go further in their learning journey, they subscribe to the Bloqleap Academy courses. We develop each topic more broadly, we provide bibliography and extra information, and we offer you the opportunity to self-assess yourself with exams at the end of each lesson.

On the other hand, Bloqleap Academy subscribers have the possibility to read the articles a week before they are published on YouTube and other social networks.

In addition, they will be able to access initiatives such as interviews, live chats, etc. at no cost.

All the information is on but above all, don't forget to follow our Youtube channel.

Why have a YouTube channel? Silly question?

Not so sure. Of course, the first thing that come to mind is that without a YouTube channel, you have no public presence on the second most important internet research engine in the world. In 2022, 82% of all Internet traffic is on videos.

But what we are looking for at BloqLeap Academy is that video encourages a level of familiarity that helps with building a community. This is for us the key idea:

Building a community which embraces bitcoin and blockchain.

What are we going to offer you on this YouTube Channel?

Obviously, a lot of videos: lessons taken from our online courses, relevant analyzes that speak truthfully about what is happening in the crypto world. Because BloqLeap Academy does not have the imperatives of influencers who want to make an audience because they live from their followers, we don't have to follow fashions; we want you to become what we are, experts on bitcoin and the issues that threaten the crypto ecosystem.

We will also offer interviews, reflections in the form of one-minute pills and of course, all our videos will be linked to the BloqLeap Academy platform and, I will answer all questions that will be asked in the chat of the YouTube channel.

So, enjoy the show, be a participant and become one of our community member.

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