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BloqLeap academy by Philippe Nadouce is launching its course on Crypto Wallets!

A highly anticipated course on BloqLeap Academy; the BA and Master’s students from prestigious business schools I teach loved it. Indeed, you need a wallet to store your cryptos. You will learn the inner workings of this new technology.

This course is for beginners. You don’t need in-depth knowledge of wallets or blockchain. However, it is recommended to take the course on Bitcoin and blockchain which is also available on this site.

The course on crypto wallets and crypto currencies that we present here clearly explains, in plain English, what is and how to get a wallet to store your crypto currencies. In addition to the short videos - that are the backbone of the course -, you can also test your knowledge by answering quizzes.

If you want to further broaden your knowledge on the subject, each lesson offers specific reading and free access documents. In addition, you can watch more videos on these subjects on our YouTube channel.

More importantly, this new technology teaches you to take responsibility since you are the only one to control it. Your access key to your crypto wallet is only known by you. If you lose it, you also lose all your coins. It's a decentralized technology - meaning you can't call anyone if things go wrong.

You need a certain amount of knowledge to organize your crypto finances. This online course on crypto wallets was created for that purpose.

All the courses offered on BloqLeap academy by Philippe Nadouce are linked to each other. They are structured in such a way that the knowledge you acquire helps you understand broader topics that you may not have studied before. They not only give you valuable knowledge on crypto but you also acquire new skills.


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