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From personal to professional growth we help our clients to understand and solve business or investment issues as well as create new business opportunities using Blockchain technology applied to their industry.

It starts with a one hour sessión, where we discuss clients’ needs, issues and projects. You will get some advice, learning material and resources to get started on the right foot. Then we can develop a strategic plan, a personalized consulting package with recurring monitoring to maximize your investment.

It is an online service, imparted individually or to a maximum of four people in English, French or Spanish.

Online Meeting
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We contracted a consultant (Philippe from Bloq Leap) because we wanted to look into borderless payment systems for our business which is located in the north of Spain. We were totally unaware that blockchain could be applied to SMEs. Philippe helped us to set up a strategy which brought us so many options for our future. We are still in the decision process and Philippe is still our invaluable expert on the matter. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

José Luis Miner - Director Bicicletas Miner


Accelerate your career with  BloqLeap Academy affordable courses.

Get a unique learning experience as each student can create a tailor-made syllabus according to her needs and priorities.


Our affordable, first-class courses examine blockchain’s capabilities and how they apply to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the associated regulatory frameworks and challenges.

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