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BloqLeap Subscription

All you need to be trained, knowledgeable and informed about bitcoin technology.

BlockLeap Academy by Philippe Nadouce is the result of twenty years of teaching in the most prestigious business schools and European universities.

BlockLeap Academy’s platform provides access to short courses and content related to bitcoin technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, Non-Fungible-Tokens and many more current trends in crypto.

We offer to top short courses on current topics such as bitcoin, Lightning Network, wallets, NFTs, the Metaverse, etc.​

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


1$ / Month. Not asking you to pay $1000 later.

It’s 1 dollar.
Your monthly dollar helps us maintain the site. What we want is:


1. Help to achieve mass adoption (See our Donate page).
2. More knowledge and empowerment (For You).

3. Less BS for everyone else.


What do you get for $1?

1. Top notch short and long Courses on bitcoin and crypto.
2. Cool videos for your learning journey

3. Quizzes, News, articles, interview

What’s the catch?

The actual cost is 1$.

As we said earlier, we want to help crypto to

achieve mass adoption.


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