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A $1 subscription? What’s the catch?

I'm told a $1 subscription is suspicious.

However, BloqLeap Academy does not hesitate to offer it.

Why? What's the catch?

Our goal is to popularize bitcoin, blockchain and financial independence for hundreds of millions of people around the world. We want to be part of this unique wave of financial education that will primarily benefit people from the African, Asian and South American continents. The vanguard of this paradigm shift is bitcoin. We want it to be understood by everyone on our planet. The dollar we ask you is for the maintenance of our website and the salary of our home grown digital genius: Sergio.

The low price of this subscription does not mean that the quality of what we offer is second class. Courses are designed as if they were for students from top schools. Before enrolling, we recommend that you view the first lessons of each of our open access courses on YouTube. You will find the same videos on this website but with some bonuses: quizzes, supporting material and articles, exclusive analyzes of the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

How to take advantage of what BloqLeap Academy offers you?

Our courses are of short duration; you can therefore study between 15 and 20 minutes a day. This is roughly what each of our lessons lasts. We therefore recommend that you watch a video, then take the quiz and read the accompanying material. Constancy is the master of wisdom and practice makes perfect. Don't rush it but don't procrastinate either.

Our courses are also designed for people who have a job and want to learn in their free time. For this reason, we have eliminated all difficulties and replaced them with easy-to-understand analogies.

We avoid math, over-extensive science demonstrations, to focus only on the skills you need to integrate to understand the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

The educational objective of BloqLeap Academy is to teach you skills which will then allow you to do your own research.

Relax and enjoy your journey with us.


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