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Michael Saylor Launches His Own Magic Lightning Email Addresses


Michael Saylor Launches His Own Magic Lightning Email Addresses
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  • Lightning Network: a layer 2 solution that is built on top of the Bitcoin network and allows for quicker, less expensive, and more scalable transactions.

  • Lightning Address: An email address-like structure that is more streamlined and user-friendly than the lengthy, jumbled string of characters commonly used in Lightning invoices for accepting Lightning Network payments.

  • Lightning Invoice: the conventional way of receiving a Lightning payment, which consists of a lengthy string of scrambled characters that is unintelligible to humans.

  • Scalability: the capacity of a system, network, or process to manage expanding workloads or to expand in the future.

  • Zebedee: A Lightning service that provides a simple way to build a Lightning Address and a Bitcoin gaming application.

  • Alby: Users can establish and maintain Lightning Addresses using a Chrome extension for Lightning and one of the Lightning services.

  • Breez: a Lightning service that, among other features, provides a simple method for configuring a Lightning Address.

  • Domain: An identifier string, like a website or email address, that represents a space of administrative autonomy, power, or control on the internet.

  • Wallet: the public and private keys necessary to send, receive, and handle cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are stored in a piece of software or hardware.

  • Mainstream adoption: a technology, item, or service that is widely embraced and used by organizations, enterprises, and consumers.

Welcome to the latest issue of BloqLeap Weekly, your go-to source for breaking news and fascinating analysis on all things blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. Today, we look into the intriguing realm of Lightning Addresses, which are revolutionizing Bitcoin adoption.

Key Points:

  1. By streamlining the transmission and reception of payments on the Lightning Network, Lightning Addresses are revolutionizing Bitcoin payments.

  2. The Lightning Network functions as a fast lane on a freeway and enables speedier, more effective transactions. It is a faster, more scalable solution for Bitcoin transactions.

  3. Lightning Addresses streamline the procedure by swapping out the standard Lightning invoice with a more recognizable email address format.

  4. Even though not all wallets and services currently support them, there are a number of Lightning services that make it simple to create Lightning Addresses, including Zebedee, Alby, and Breez.

  5. Users can send and receive Bitcoin payments more easily by integrating Lightning support into their personal domain.

  6. Lightning Addresses are predicted to have a big impact on Bitcoin payments in the future because they make transactions more accessible and help cryptocurrencies become more widely used.

Lightning Addresses - Bitcoin technology at its best

You may have heard of the Lightning Network as a non-technical reader, but what does it actually imply and how will it affect the future of Bitcoin? We're going to solve the enigma surrounding Lightning Addresses and explain how they're going to completely change how we make and receive Bitcoin payments.

The Lightning Network = the Future of Bitcoin

We must first examine the Lightning Network, the faster and more scalable cousin of Bitcoin, in order to better understand Lightning Addresses. Comparing it to the conventional Bitcoin network, think of the Lightning Network as a fast lane on a motorway that enables quicker and more effective transactions.

The Lightning Network fixes the scalability problems surrounding Bitcoin technology, making it a crucial tool for the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a large scale.

Lightning Addresses: Bitcoin Payments = free of charge

The executive chairman and co-founder of the business software company MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, recently disclosed that his staff members can now receive Bitcoin payments using their work email addresses.

Lightning Addresses, which make it easier to transmit and receive payments on the Lightning Network, enable this ground-breaking method of Bitcoin payments.

Historically, creating a Lightning invoice—a lengthy, unintelligible string of characters—was necessary in order to receive a Lightning payment. The industry is adopting the Lightning Address standard, which substitutes a familiar email address format for the challenging invoice.

How to Configure a Lightning Address of Your Own?

Unexpectedly easy to do! There are several Lightning services that provide an easy way to create one of these addresses, like Zebedee, Alby, and Breez. For instance, you are encouraged to generate a "gamertag," which is essentially a Lightning Address, when you install the Bitcoin gaming app Zebedee on your phone. It's that simple to create a Lightning Address after choosing a name.

It's crucial to keep in mind that not all wallets and services currently support Lightning Addresses because the Lightning industry is still in its early stages. A list of wallets and services that are compatible is available on the Lightning Address website.

Can you Integrate Lightning Support into Your Personal Domain?

Like Michael Saylor did with, it's also possible for those who want to go above and beyond to add Lightning support to their own domain. (Note that in order to do this, you must be the domain's owner.) If you have the capacity to upload files to your website server, setting this up is not too difficult. Alby, a Chrome addon for Lightning, just posted instructions for doing this on Twitter.

easy to use

Email addresses are now payment channels

With Lightning Addresses, transactions will become easier and more widely available, revolutionizing how we interact with Bitcoin. This invention lowers obstacles and moves Bitcoin one step closer to being accepted by the general public by using an email address-like structure. We may anticipate additional growth and development in the Lightning Network as a result of well-known individuals like Michael Saylor supporting Lightning Addresses, paving the path for a more pervasive adoption of cryptocurrencies.


By streamlining and enhancing the user experience of Bitcoin payments, Lightning Addresses are transforming the industry. We can look forward to a better and more productive future for Bitcoin transactions as the Lightning Network and associated technologies (Layer 2) continue to develop.

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