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After 20 years teaching in some of the best universities and business schools in Europe, BLOQLEAP ACADEMY was the logical thing to do.

A platform that provides access to courses and content related to Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Metaverso, NFTs & Current trends.

We are creating top courses, workshops and syllabuses on topics such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, NTFs or Metaverse. Each course includes:

  • Lessons (texts and videos) from top rated teachers;

  • Articles and resources;

  • Reflective activities and quizzes;

  • A weekly newsletter;

  • Seminars and Interviews

  • ...and more.

All the courses will be available for subscribers who chose BloqLeap Academy.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


No kidding!

Since we need to keep improving the platform and create more courses, we are offering special conditions to our FIRST 30 subscribers to enjoy all the courses and resources available on this site.


Over the next months, we will periodically add new courses to the platform.

Our FIRST 30 subscribers will be able to attend all the courses, watch all the videos and use all the resources made available to users.

¿Do you want to be one of our FIRST 30 subscribers? 

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