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Beginner level bitcoin course in which we are going to go step by step getting to understand how bitcoin and money (the euro, the dollar, etc.) can be compared and what differentiate them.


Bitcoin was without a doubt the world's first cryptocurrency. Many say it is not perfect. There are certain things that you must understand in order to get an idea on the subject and that is what we are going to see in this course.

Here is the video presentation of the lesson (40 seconds):

Topics such as, money creation, fundamental differences between money, gold and bitcoin, the importance of user communities to create network effects:

  • What is a wallet?

  • How to store your cryptocurrencies?

  • Electricity consumption?

... among other things, are requests that many people make of me every day.


In this course we are going to understand all these things thanks to a course designed for beginners, that I have created for my university students, but of which each person can take great advantage.


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2 chapters of this second session:

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